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Student & ex officio non-voting member of the District Board of Trustees: Jesse Pulliam. Get updates and discuss student related topics here.

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The Defining Factor of Success: Resources vs. Resourcefulness

In what is the most viewed TED talk of all time, Anthony Robbins argues that the defining factor of success is not resources, its resourcefulness. Robbins wonders: Why do people fail to achieve things? The common answers: didn’t have the time, didn’t have the money, and didn’t have the knowledge. He goes on to argue success isn’t about what you don’t have it’s about what you do have, and furthermore it’s about how you use those resources.


As students of Palm Beach State College, we are lucky to have an amazing academic support system. Tutoring for almost any subject, accessible professors, and lots of places to get engaged on campus. I challenge you to ask yourself, “Am I taking advantage of all the resources that will help me succeed?” Determine your needs, find your resources below and do what it takes to be successful!


There is a Student Learning Center on every campus, geared toward helping you be successful in your classes. The centers offer a variety of options to meet the academic support needs of individual students, including: Personal and group tutoring, study areas, seminars on special topics, organized study sessions and much more!


Office Hours

That’s right! Your professor’s office hours can be one of the most useful resources in helping you succeed in your class. Have a question on the upcoming test? Want to know how you should be studying? Your professor is the perfect person to ask! All office hours are posted on syllabi, and of course don’t be afraid to ask in class when office hours are!


First Year Experience

First Year Experience is your home for information, programs, services and resources for first-year students.  They will help to orient you to Palm Beach State College and guide you as you make the adjustment to your new environment.   They offer amazing services such as the Peer Navigator Program, which matches you with a Peer Mentor. Check it out!


TRiO Student Support

TRiO helps low-income and first-generation college students and individuals with disabilities graduate from college.  Services include assistance with securing financial aid; personal, academic and career counseling; academic instruction; assistance with transition to four-year programs from two-year institutions; and assistance with applying to graduate and professional programs.


The Palm Beach State Foundation

Interested in scholarships? Check out the Palm Beach State College Foundation, which supports students through scholarships. Scholarships are provided to students through donations from generous individuals, organizations and foundation within our community. Be sure to check it out this link if you’re interested!


Honors College Looking for a greater challenge in your classes? How does more creative and comprehensive coursework sound for you? The Honors College might be for you! The purpose of the Honors College is to provide a challenging and supportive academic environment in which students are encouraged to think critically, demonstrate leadership, and develop ethical standards.


Clubs and Organizations

Student Government, Engineering Club and Black Student Union are only three examples of the dozens of clubs offered at PBSC. Student activities are a great way to surround yourself with those with similar interests and aspirations.



Palm Beach State College Is Here For You.

Welcome students! It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you back to a fresh and exciting semester. My name is Jesse Pulliam, I am a student on the Palm Beach Gardens campus and I am your student trustee. So what does that mean?

The District Board of Trustees is the governing committee of this institution, which along with our President, operates the College. Each month, the Board meets to discuss, among other things, the academic direction, policy and budget of the College. I am your voice on this committee, tasked to represent the student body and perspective in the decisions made. It is because of our Board of Trustees that Palm Beach State remains one of the most affordable colleges in the state. I am proud to say that since the beginning of my term in July, the board has welcomed our school’s new President, moved to ask the state for more funding, and has progressed in opening a new campus in Loxahatchee Groves.

In my swift three months as a student representative, I’ve learned something seemingly obvious, which I did not fully grasp before beginning the position. The Board of Trustees, the administration, staff and faculty are all here for you, the students. In fact, the College would not exist without your dedication and commitment to learning. It is for this reason, if you speak, someone will listen. Take advantage of this opportunity. Did you love your experience at the Student Learning Center, with the Honors College, or with your Peer Navigator? Tell someone. What about orientation or convocation? Got any advice? Speak up. What is it about the College that has helped you be most successful? Or has anything stood in your way? Please tell someone, a professor, an advisor or a dean. Your feedback has the potential to make this institution better for you and for those who come after you.

Of course, this voice comes with a certain responsibility. Credibility, scholarship and good grades will not be awarded, simply for being present. You must work hard in the things you do here at Palm Beach State. And when you do, you will realize the ability you possess to make a positive impact on this institution and in the lives of others. The College is here for you. Get engaged, take advantage of opportunities and look for ways you can make a difference in the classroom, on campus and in this community. I look forward to meeting everyone at all of this year’s school events! Good luck and have a great semester.

Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the college or the Board of Trustees.

Jesse Pulliam

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Congrats to Spring 2015 PBSC Graduates

Hello my fellow graduating Panthers,

Photo of Student Trustee Patricia Medina at the Spring 2015 graduation with President Dennis P. Gallon.

We did it! After all of our hard work searching for parking two minutes before class started, we finally made it to graduation. Congratulations to you all!

I know some of you who graduated last week are still in high school and still have another graduation to attend; we are so proud of you. It takes a special person to be so young and have such foresight and focus, and I look forward to seeing all that you accomplish.

And to all those who may have spent close to a decade to complete your degree – I am so proud of you. You worked harder than anyone to make your dream come true. You worked full-time jobs and took part-time classes. You raised families and had obstacles that some of us have not had, but you still did it and we are so proud of you.

For those of you who took my route and waited 20 plus years to get back – we finally did it! Doesn’t it feel good? I am proud to count myself among you.

Some of you came straight out of high school and this was your only option, but you are finishing on time and I am proud of you, too. Now when I say only option, it may be how you first felt, but little did you know it was the best option. I am so glad that this was the only school open to me, because it has changed my life. My fellow Panthers, I hope you took full advantage of everything Palm Beach State College had to offer.

Because of the Dr. Floyd F. Koch Honors College, we saw Shakespearean plays performed on a stage built to copy the original theatre where his plays were performed. Thank you, Professor Brahlik and Marcella.

Because of Dr. Gallon’s vision of civic engagement, we debated a bill on the Florida Senate floor in Tallahassee. Thank you, Professors Randolph and Sizemore, Dean Van Der Velde and Ms. Barbara Pippin Cohen.

Because of Dr. Russell’s vision for a Study Abroad program, we were able to apply practical knowledge from what was learned in class to our experience in the middle of a rain forest in Costa Rica. Thank you, Professor Duff and Aylim de Chazal.

I attended journalism conferences in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco where I learned the craft of journalism from journalists. I went to Nashville, TN, and learned multimedia journalism hands on. I had an internship with CBS 48 Hours, and I went to Orlando and asked a question at a press conference held by Trayvon Martin’s parents (Sybrina and Tracy). Thank you, Professor Sharon Martin.

Because of the TRiO program creating a debate team, I learned to think critically, reason analytically, communicate effectively and find my voice. Thank you, Ms. Speed.

And because of our Foundation and the donors of our Foundation, I was able to focus on my education and become a Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship recipient. Donors, thank you for helping make our education possible. You choose to give to your community college and have benefited generations. Thank you for your generosity. I would also like to thank the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation for this incredible gift to my family and me. It means so much to us, and I promise to use my education to give back to others as you have done for me.

I have been able to take advantage of every opportunity at our school because of my family. So families, I want to thank you so much for being there for us. You stood by us, supported us, motivated us and inspired us to keep going. Thank you so much for that. Besides the birth of my children, my marriage to my incredible husband, Frank Medina, who is also a student at PBSC, and my bonus children and grandchildren, PBSC has given me some of the greatest experiences in my life.

Student Activities made sure something was happening on each of the campuses just about every week, and they worked so hard to ensure a full college experience. The Student Learning Center helped us polish our papers, and the Career Center, along with my advisors at TRiO, helped find me create a blueprint for my future. The administrators provided us the perfect environment to blossom, and I am thankful to them.

I would like to thank Dr. Gallon and the Board of Trustees for creating the Student Trustee position and allowing me to be the voice of the students; it was an eye- opening experience. I would also like to thank Dr. Gallon for his 18 years of service. Dr. Gallon’s vision of completion has led to over 75,000 students graduating from Palm Beach State College. I have seen him working hard for us in Tallahassee, and there is no question of students being his top priority. Thank you, Dr. Gallon.

I want to thank the provosts for making each campus as wonderful as they are. What all of our provosts share – what one feeling that is the same on every campus – is a love for the students. I also want to thank Security for keeping us safe and Facilities for keeping our campuses beautiful.

But my biggest thank-you is to the professors at PBSC. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” That to me describes what our professors do.

PBSC has incredible professors who are dedicated to your education and growth, because believe me – it’s not for the money. They have challenged us, motivated us, mentored us, pushed us when we needed it, helped us think critically, helped us become seekers of knowledge, taught us to question, and they cared about us because they are looking at us as the future. I have been so fortunate to have had professors, whose classes I was not even a part of, help me when I had questions. That started during my first semester. So to all of our professors, I would like to give a heartfelt thank-you. I am here because of all of you.

Now, I have to mention a few people by name and give them an extra thank-you. They are my mentors and inspiration, and they are the reason I plan to come back here and teach one day.

Professor Tomas Pena: My biggest fear, and what kept me out of school for so long, was math. My freshman year I was lucky enough to be placed in developmental math, and you helped me so much. You were patient and taught me something I never understood before. Thank you.

Dr. Chandra: You made science seem so simple and made me look at the world through different lenses. Thank you for being such an incredible professor who always goes above and beyond for all of his students.

Professor Martin: We have been through so much together. Thank you so much for pushing me – whether I always wanted it or not. You have taught me so much and I am grateful.

Dr. Scheffer: I wasn’t lucky enough to take a class with you, but you still took time to mentor and inspire me. I thank you for always having your door open and helping me see the possibilities.

Dr. Anderson: You have done so much for me and changed my life in so many ways. As the faculty advisor for PTK, you lead by example, and with you as the advisor, I know this world will be a better place. It already is because you are part of it.

Dean McNeal, Dr. Moore, Ms. Kelly and Mr. Bryant: Thank you so much for always making time for me, giving me advice and working so hard for the students. You are the heart and soul of the Belle Glade campus.

Everyone at TRiO: You have given and supported me so much, even if I was not a part of your direct program. I am in awe of all you do, and I thank you so much for all you do.

Ms. Speed of SSS TRiO: There are no words to describe the incredible spirit you are. You are kindness and love, strength and hope, friend and family. You have been with me since I started here and have helped me in so many ways. Thank you.

Finally, I would like to thank Ryan Donovan for helping with this blog. I wish I had more time to write this year. Ryan did try to get more from me but this was a crazy year!


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Impacting our Communities: Current Students and Alumni

I was recently contacted by a PBSC alumnus about an organization he volunteers with in Palm Beach County. It got me thinking…we really do have outstanding alumni! Whether you’re a current PBSC student or an alum, know that the College applauds you for sharing your time and talent for charitable causes. If you aren’t currently volunteering for a worthy cause, give it some thought!

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to the alumnus I mentioned above, Pitt T. Maner III. He’s working to help bring awareness and support to the Palm Beach County Food Bank, a non-profit organization that rescues, collects and distributes food to agencies that help feed the hungry. Mr. Manner mentioned to me they have some upcoming events at the Food Bank, and one of the big ones (Empty Bowls 2015) is this week on Feb. 13th and 14th. Check out their website for more information if you’re interested! One of the facts that got my attention when I visited their site is that 64,000 children in Palm Beach County are at risk of going to bed hungry every night.

Visit your campus Student Activities office today if you’re a current student and interested in finding out about volunteer opportunities with various local organizations!

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Ushering in 2015!

Hello fellow Panthers,


Happy New Year! Hopefully you are settling into your classes and are on track for a successful semester. This is my final semester at Palm Beach State College, and after attending December’s graduation ceremonies, I realize how close I am to my goal of completion. It was not easy, but I am nearing the finish line and will graduate in May. For this post, I am going to share the top five reasons I am graduating with a 3.8 GPA.

1. The Student Support Services TRiO program, and Ms. Speed, my advisor in particular. They were so supportive and helped me every step on the way. They helped me find my major, ensured I took all the right classes, took me on college tours, and helped revise my applications. They also created a debate team which taught me so many valuable skills and memories which I will carry with me for a lifetime. If you’re interested in learning more about TRiO and eligibility, click here. Whether it’s SSS TRiO or another program — get involved!

2. Every professor I ever had at this school, and all the professors I did not have a class with but who still took the time to help me on my journey, from my freshman year forward. I learned so much from all of them; they are true servant leaders and go above and beyond the call of duty.

3. The Student Learning Center, the Career Center, Financial Aid, Registration, Advising, and the Library. I have spent time at all of these resources on various campuses, and they have helped me so much. Spend time at each one; they are here for your benefit.

4. The administrators who do more than just set policy, especially those individuals who help students who seek advice, assistance, or just someone to listen. They also help provide innumerable opportunities for growth. I have seen what they do on the various campuses and am inspired.

5. Student Activities which builds fellowship, sponsors events, manages clubs, and brings the students closer to school. I have enjoyed every club and event I was able to participate in.

I must give an honorable mention to my peers and my family. They have pushed me when I needed it and supported me when I was down. PBSC is an amazing college, and I am looking forward to an exciting semester.


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Put Your Game Face On: It’s Finals Time!

Hello fellow Panthers,


It’s finals time! Are you ready? If you need academic help, please make sure you go to the Student Learning Center on your campus to get last-minute tutoring. Before you take your final, make sure you:

  • Review the syllabus to see what the final is going to cover. Is it cumulative?
  • Review all your notes — definitely helpful for the big day.
  • Get plenty of rest the night before. It’s harder to remember information when you are exhausted.
  • Eat breakfast on the day of exams
  • Breathe!

Your professors have prepared you for this, and I know you will do well. Tell everyone you know you will be unavailable for the next week and a half so they don’t worry. Get some snack food, get in your comfortable clothes, and study. You can do it!


On a side note, the president of our school, Dr. Gallon, is retiring in June. The school is holding listening sessions this week on each campus. Come out and let your voice be heard. The schedule is as follows:

Dec. 9
Belle Glade Campus
9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center

Dec. 10
Palm Beach Gardens Campus
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Lake Worth Campus
1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Boca Raton Campus
5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Once again, please come out and let your voice be heard. This affects the future of your school. Who do you want to lead Palm Beach State College? What qualities should the new President have?

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Back to the Blog After Illness

Hi fellow Panthers,

I apologize for the delay in writing blog posts. I became very ill and have been working on getting better and making up school work. I had the misfortune of having mono, and it has been the hardest 2 ½ months of my life. I tell you about my illness, because it could have been prevented had I taken some basic precautions. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Do not share water, coffee, or any drinks with anyone.
  • Do not share utensils with anyone.
  • Do not share a cigarette or anything similar with anyone.

I did not know a friend of mine had mono and did one of the above. Now, I will do my part and warn others. Take care of your health and don’t worry about offending a friend; it is not worth the risk.